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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Finding Your Inner Illustrator

Having not posted on here for what seems eternity, here is a post that lifts a stale period of fear and loathing within my illustration work. A stale mate of inactivity and deadlines!

I've been struggling over a style or theme to put out there in the illustration world, and when I say style, I mean imagery that represents me honestly and where my hand and eye are in harmony, not a quest to be like him or her, or to fit in there. (Although this is a constant battle to stay away from).
My plan, when I'm in full flow, is to create a range of small print limited edition books.

So, without going into too much depth, I've found it hard since the MA to find a place where I create in a way that nurtures both my love of illustration (meaning work to sell, and for an audience) and the integrity and honesty I strive to represent my inner workings. I have had a fallow period of thinking and processing life and life patterns. I have stopped driving life and simply let the world settle at my feet for a while. It's been quite calming especially after a lot of excitement and lots of lessons learnt through what has been a roller coaster of a year.

After a morning spent in good company, in a really rather special place yesterday, my thoughts, dreams, learnings and observations over the past few months, even years, have started to fall into place and I feel like this is the start of something new within my illustration...at last. They will move into something very different to these no doubt, I think it's the application and light of touch and detailing that I like most. The characters are secondary and indicative of current thoughts of childhood memories and aspirations.

These are sketchbooks pieces and have influences of fellow artists and although this perturbs me slightly, I'm letting it go... to move past and through it, in order to create work that is solely mine. Or it could be that they feel familiar because they are right, and are mine?.... who knows, but I'm aware of the possibility of both.

I am also realising how important it is to give yourself, and your work, space and moments of time to settle and accept all the learning and messages that swim around on a daily basis, surrounding yourself with people who support this and help and guide you to listen.

I hope you enjoy them... I feel most happiest with the first and last three. The last three being most comfortable to look at.


  1. the rabbit image is also exquisite Caroline

  2. thanks Dan... only found out the other day that it is a symbol of fear.. opened up a whole conversation of the hare and the moon and their relationship. Imagery is beginning to flow out.. : )