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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hung, Drawn and Authored was a huge success! we had a great night and could hardly see the art on the walls for bodies! It felt really buzzy all night and felt like people actually really enjoyed it! It was interesting showing my new work and seeing the reaction. Generally it was great and really positive. I rushed framing them all and was a little disappointed that I couldn't produce original art and had to do some prints. But I did use varnish on the image which really made a difference and sealed the image so hopefully wouldn't fade like some prints. This is something I needto address before the final show!... I hope everyone who came or took part, took something from it.

New news is that I am in talks with the lovely singer songwriter, Ruarri
Joseph about a video he has just screened for a song (Severed Dreams) from his new album, Shoulder to the Wheel. I was really rather inspired by the emotions that the video evoked and really felt like I want to draw it! So we're talking about doing a children's book together. So that's very exciting! My other lovely friend Shayne from the Tea Appreciation Society has some work lined up too, so some different little projects lined up, along with the work I'm currently contracted to do for LT Press. So hoping for some space and my weekends back soon! We're heading to the Isles of Scilly in two weeks time for the Gig rowing world champs! and then after that a slow burn to the final show...watch this space for some new work!

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