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Saturday, 15 January 2011

today I have been drawings bears!

Today I was going to go to the zoo in Dartmoor but decided it was just too much on the budget and I thought I'd see how it turned out when I was drawing them from the iplayer. There was a program on black bears which was great so I decided to use that. It wasn't at exciting as being at the zoo but before spending money on travel etc i thought I'd see if bears were the way forward. Funnily enough I realised that using a program that someone else has choreographed meant that my choice of poses etc was limited. I did have to pause the images as they cut to trees or another scene all the time, which wasn't ideal. But after doing them and scanning them in I really liked the results still... I realised that it's shapes that the animal, object makes that I like. here's the results. I didn't like them so much immediately but now I've scanned them in and reduced them in size, I do and feel that there's something there to move forward with.

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