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Monday, 31 May 2010

college work!, hi5 and being inspired!

I've been doing some college work, briefly!...I have to prioritise it this time round as I love it when I get stuck in but never give myself the time to, as I have so much stuff to do before I can! if that makes any sense??? anyway here's some I have done in the last couple of weeks...these were used for the last Truro hi5 show and working on the idea of singles ads!... also a collaboration with my piers under the title recipe....buuut anyway, now the hi5 exhib is out of the way nearly... we take it down on Sat, I can start making more time.. It's Bank holiday Monday today so I took the day off and helped a little with the Victorian Fayre, for the gig club, and then took myself off to Penzance to The Trewidden Studios, where I wandered around and took all the great art in... I was really interested to meet Georgina Houndsome and Alex Higlett as I loved both of their work at the MA show last year!...they were on the MA course I am on now. I bought a book from Alex and wished I could afford a print of Georginas too! I had a look round everywhere and stumbled across Sam Bassetts studio and WOW!...I love his work and you should have a look...google Sam Bassett / artist...his website wasn't working when I tried. Anyway I left there and got back to my car and Because I had earnt some money from the film crew for a couple of paintings I went back to Sam's studio and treated myself to two little paintings of his.. Very chuffed. I love them ... here they are!

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